I'm like,
really high.

Not altitude. I’m talking about ASTRO.

Designed with your high in mind, ASTRO delivers a smooth and satisfying cannabis experience every time.

With ASTRO’s original terpene blends, you can enjoy the full flavor of your favorite strains in one sleek device.


See you on the moon.

ASTRO is proud to bring you our latest design in the cannabis sphere. Our 1.0g disposable vape is crafted with consistent quality and an elegant design.

Gravity Window

Cutting edge - literally. Our gravity window features a slanted design to guarantee every last drop of distillate.

Dual Airflow

Our dual air technology utilizes two outlets to maximize chamber airflow and prevent obstructions that may cause clogging.

Optimized Charge

With our enhanced battery, you won’t have to worry about your ASTRO losing charge - but if it does, we’ve got you covered with an included charging cable.

ASTRO is the perfect addition to a night in and my best friend whenever I go out.”

Camilla, Munchies Expert

I take two hits of ASTRO to chill and go to sleep and four hits to go to space with my friends.”

Jim, Cannabis Connoisseur

As soon as I pull out my ASTRO, I'm the life of the party. That's why I never go out without it.”

Sofia, Social Butterfly

Dude, this song is so sick — who's running AUX? Oh wait, I think it might be me…”

Guy who just hit the ASTRO

Treat yourself.
Blast off with ASTRO.

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