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How do I care for my vape?

With any cannabis vape, there are certain best practices to follow. Keep your vape tiled upright and avoid leaving it upside down. Keep at room temperature and out of the sun, excessive heat or cold may damage the device. Avoid any contact with liquids. If minor leakage does occur, wipe off oil residue with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. If any battery issues occur, try charging the device for a short period.

What ingredients are in ASTRO?

We like to keep things simple. Our 1000mg original formulas contain just two ingredients, raw cannabis distillate and natural terpenes. All of our ingredients are put through rigorous testing to be sure they are completely safe for use. We believe in transparency - to view our full testing report, scan the QR code on your Astro Bar box.

My ASTRO died but there is still oil left. What do I do?

All Astro devices are rechargeable via micro USB cables, which are included in every box. The included cable is located underneath the insert, these cables are compatible with any USB input like an iPhone or Android block. When your device is charging, the front light will turn on. Astro’s charge quickly, so don’t leave your device charging overnight. 

My ASTRO clogged. What do I do?

Clogging may occur from time to time. Gently breathe in through the mouthpiece to heat the oil buildup. After a few short, slow inhales, the oil clogged in your vape cart will thin out and clear the blockage. Taking slow breaths also prevents oil from coming through the mouthpiece. Wipe off any oil residue with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. 

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